Delilah is the heart’s work of Linda Marek, a textile designer and illustrator with a love of colour, print and pattern. After working in Australia and Europe, Linda launched Delilah in 2009.

A Note From Linda:

Its funny how life turns out.


After several attempts to find the right career for me, I finally chanced upon a degree in textile design. Upon graduating, I was so happy to land my dream job designing bedlinen. Finally (yay)! But it just so happened that around the same time I met a lovely man (yay!) and decided to follow my heart to Rome (big decision but it was the right one)…


Leaving the world of secure employment was a bit scary, but I knew I could carve a way for myself. Starting out with a box of old wallpaper pinched from my Nan, Delilah devine was born in 2009.


Today, I work from a beautiful shared studio in the Adelaide Hills. An average day involves too much chatting (naughty – get back to work!), lots of creating, packaging, emailing, and a bit of thinking. I tend to work on 12 tasks at once and my studio is always a big big mess. I am forever scolding myself for being a huge scatterbrain but somehow it all works out in the end.

Apart from creating lovely things, Delilah is driven by a stubborn idea that doing good makes good business sense. I donate 10% of my online sales to Kiva (alleviating poverty through lending). I use 100% scavenged and recycled packing materials, and my studio operates on renewable energy. I also believe passionately in supporting local businesses who I know and trust their commitment to running a fair workplace (because we’re all in this together folks).


Delilah devine is a happy little label. I hope you feel it.